Welcome to the SoundHealing Practice of Wende Bartley

Are you a holistic practitioner, healer, artist, or cultural leader wanting to make a transformational difference in the work you offer to the world? 

What is your relationship to your voice, and how could this possibly expand and deepen the services you provide to others or the creative projects you undertake?

Do you feel insecure, tentative, or intimidated when you imagine singing or making sounds with your voice, especially in front of others? Were you told to just ‘mouth the words’ in the choir or that you can’t sing in tune?

If this sounds familiar AND you are passionate about being an agent of change, then you may be wondering how awakening your voice could play a role in the transformation of your work, your life, your relationships, your connection to the earth and to the global community.

What wells up within you when you let yourself take in the enormity of the tectonic changes currently underway in many aspects of your life and throughout the world?

Many traditional creation stories speak of how the world was made through sound.  As we collectively vision a more sustainable future, what role can sound play in envisioning, creating, supporting, nurturing and manifesting that world we dream of? 

If your curiosity has been peaked, or you are feeling fired up to find out more, I invite you to explore my site and learn how I can assist you in awakening your voice.




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