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Welcome to AWAKENING YOUR VOICE with Wendalyn / Wende Bartley

My latest project is the upcoming release of my album "Sound Dreaming: Oracle Songs from Ancient Ritual Spaces".  Listen to a 2 minute excerpt from the album just below, or scroll down to the Indiegogo Box below for more information. 

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Excerpt from the track "Sounding Dream Woman" created from recordings made in the Hypogeum in Malta.  Music will be available soon on the SOUND DREAMING album.

 THANK YOU to all those who supported

Wendalyn's Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign for

 SOUND DREAMING: Oracle Songs from Ancient Ritual Spaces

A 2-disc musical album of soulful feminine wisdom

I am now in production mode, and am planning for the album to be ready for mid November, along with a dedicated webpage.  Purchases of the album and downloads will be available soon.

To listen to excerpts of the music and learn more

about the vision of SOUNDDREAMING,

  you can still watch the Indiegogo video trailer HERE

Learn more about Awakening Your Voice

In these transformational times you may find it challenging to stay steady, balanced and open to hear the guidance of your own inner voice.  At the same time, with all the changes and shifts taking place on so many levels, you feel a deep desire to offer your own unique expression and contribution to the world.  AWAKENING YOUR VOICE is a process that will attune you to your inner source of power and wisdom, as well as help you step more fully into resonance with your creative self. 

What voices are calling out from within you?  Do you seek to: 

Express yourself more freely and learn to trust your intuition? 

Let your creative spirit shine in your everyday life or in special projects you want to pursue?

Enjoy the pleasure of singing with family or friends without fears of how you sound?

Know yourself and your inner voice more intimately? 

Offer your gifts to the world and participate in co-creating the future?


"Awakening Your Voice" will enable you to express all you've held back from saying or feeling.  When you open to this soundworld which lives inside of you, a unique and exquisite tapestry of sounds reveals itself and enables profound shifts to occur in your life.  

When you think of your voice, what feelings, thoughts, memories or experiences come to mind?  

Do you experience a lack of self-confidence in the strength of your voice? 

Do you fear rejection if you were to express your true feelings?

Have you felt silenced for your ideas or for who you are?

Have you felt embarrassed by the very sound of your voice, or been told to 'mouth the words' in the choir?

Have you habitually held yourself back because the voices of your gender, race or sexual orientation were not welcomed in the institutions or organizations you were associated with?

The voice is capable of generating sound frequencies to create transformative changes in the patterns that hold you back and help move you into contact with your highest potential.  The voice is an embodiment of your soul and acts as a map mirroring our inner state of being.  It speaks the language of our emotions, our unconscious limiting belief systems, and the energetic blocks held within our body.  

Awaken Your Voice and open yourself to experience:    

 A deeper relationship with your body

Clarity and ease of expression

Courage and self confidence

Revitalization and rejuvenation at a core level

An ability to be present and connected with yourself and others

Alignment with the heart of your sacred creative self

Awareness and attunement to your life purpose  

We are being called to co-create a different world, one that moves beyond our old collective patterns based in fear and control.  We are being called to awaken to new ways of knowing and being, and to embody new forms of relating to ourselves, others, and the earth.  It is my intuitive knowing that sound will play a pivotal role in this process. Awakening your Voice is part of our evolutionary calling.   

 Create new vibrational patterns and let your voice be your guide as you shift from: 

A state of feeling unworthy to knowing yourself as loved and a manifestation of the sacred

A fear of the unknown to a state of trust and surrender

Lack and scarcity to experiencing yourself as a divine expression of abundance and prosperity

Grief and loss of love to an experience of belonging and the nurturing power of the earth. 

Resistance to cultural changes to a state of connection with you are becoming and the  unique gifts you are here to bring into the world.

A sense of self that feels separate and disconnected to an experience of intimate connection with yourself, others, and all beings on the Earth. 

"There is a cry and a call deep in our hearts that wants to be heard.  There is a longing to liberate our voice and soul and thereby re-discover and remember the vastness of who we truly are - a vibational force of the highest creation".  Karina Schelde - creator of the SoulVoice method

An Awakened Voice is part of our Evolutionary Calling in these Changing Times

Each time I open my voice to let out the sounds that are waiting for me to hear, I am continually inspired and experience a flood of passion about the incredible evolutionary potential that sound has to offer.

Each time I enter into this sacred trust between my soul and my voice, I am always met with the frequencies I need to help me move forward on my path.  

Each time I offer sound to the earth, the waters, or the trees, I experience an expansion of my awareness and a deeper connection with the sentient nature of all life.

I am honored to guide you on your own unique journey to find the vast potential that awaits you in the vibrational power of your voice.

Wendalyn/Wende Bartley


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