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Oracle Songs from Ancient Ritual Spaces

2-disc musical album

of soulful feminine wisdom

CD in stereo & DVD-Audio in 5.1 surround

 Ancestral Landing  is a video of images taken along the shoreline of Lake Ontario on Toronto Island with music composed from recordings made in the Hypogeum Temple in Malta.  The piece emerged as one of my individual pieces inspired by a  residency I participated in with the members of the Gestare Art Collective - Barbara Bickel, Nane Jordan and Medwyn McConachy -  at Gibraltar Point Center for the Arts in June, 2009.  


 Into the Hypogeum

An electroacoustic composition from recordings made in the Hypogeum temple, Malta.   Voices:  Wende Bartley & Marlon Briffe.  It was composed in 2005.


  Restoring Earth Connection

A performance by Hathorah  (Wende Bartley, Deborah Brodey, Catherine Malone) for the Joanna Macy talk held in Guelph, June 19, 2009


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