Evolving the Voice for Changing Times

Individual Programs 

  • Do you feel that people aren't really listening to you or don’t take your ideas seriously?
  • Does your voice sound too soft, weak, tense, or ‘caught’ in the throat when you speak?
  • Do you struggle with sounding confident and self assured? 
  • Do you have a desire to express yourself creatively, but feel frustrated, intimidated or limited by your fears of being vulnerable and visible? 

As a conscious and evolving person committed to making your unique contribution to the world, you long to be fully HEARD and SEEN. Empowering your relationship with your voice is a key factor in being recognized, valued and stepping into your full potential.

We all have stories about our voices - how we became disconnected from them, and ways we have compensated in our lives for that loss.   And.. let’s not forget that our personal experiences belong to a much larger story - of how the dominant patriarchal culture has silenced women, denied men access to their deeper knowing, negated the intuition-based wisdom traditions, and devalued our relationship with our bodies as well as with the earth.

When our voices are discounted, there are profound repercussions.  By unlocking that free, expressive and uninhibited place you knew as a young child, your authentic VOICE will guide you in the next steps you need to take in offering your transformational gifts to the world. 

  • With a resonant, strong and clear voice, you will begin to communicate with assurance and self-confidence
  • Your creative energy will become enlivened, infusing your projects and life with new direction and vitality
  • As your work becomes more recognized, it will have a direct impact on your financial flow and abundance
  • A fully embodied voice will create a new relationship with your body so you feel more grounded and present
  • Your magnetism and radiance will flow through your voice and enhance your leadership skills
  • Asking for what you need will flow more authentically and relationships will flourish in new ways

“We're living at a time when Western womanhood is just a moment away from emerging into the light of our collective possibility.    Western women should be a moral force on this planet....and we should be taking the wheel of human civilization and saying to anyone who will listen: We're turning the ship around, and we're turning it around NOW.   Marion Williamson

Now is the time for our voices to be heard loud and clear 

The emergence of the Feminine in our world continually gathers strength with each passing year, issuing a call to all of us – men and women – to become deeply attuned to our unique soulful connection with the voice. 

As we become reconnected with the innate power that our voice can reconnect us with,  a new body of wisdom will begin to blossom in the world once again.  Wisdom that is meant to be heard, valued and enacted upon. 

  • Reconnecting to the voice opens up a pathway to your own intuition and inner knowledge
  • Your wild and wise nature will come alive as your reconnect with the "sound of your soul"
  • Experience a sense of coming home to yourself as you remember who you are and your unique purpose
  • Come into a deeper connection with the creative Source of Life and a renewed connection to the earth

With the season of celebration behind us, now is the time to take full advantage of the gifts that the solstice lunar eclipse and this new year of 2011 has ushered in.  Since this is the year for new possibilities, greater presence, and increased visibility, I have created some new programs that are intended to meet you wherever you are in your vocal story. 

What vision for your voice do you hold and where do you want this connection with your voice to take you in your life? I would love to talk with you and explore these and other questions you may have.  I
will be giving complimentary ½ hour phone consultations on how these programs can help you, and what is the best fit for your situation.

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The programs outlined below offer you three different levels of involvement in the journey to connect with your voice.  Consistent and focused practice will lead to the most successful results, and I have designed these programs to offer you different degrees of commitment. 

All sessions include the following components:

  • Private sessions of 1 1/2 hours in duration in a sound proof environment
  • A personalized program to best support your vocal needs and desired intentions
  • Sessions will combine embodied voice work, creative exploration and the transformational Soul Voice™ soundhealing modality
  • Take-home voice and sound practices
  • A recording of the session for you to repeatedly listen to the soundworlds you experienced and created during the session.  The recording will be a reminder and guide for the specific exercises introduced in the session.


Premium Level:  Going Full Tilt

  • TEN 1 ½ hour sessions
  • Extensive step-by-step process to creating an embodied voice working with the voice-body-breath connection
  • Explore your voice in relationship with the full chakra energy system
  • Sound energy work to shift belief systems around the voice and other limiting life patterns
  • Guided sound journeys working with power animals, mythic characters, and visual images
  • Experience the relationship between your voice and  sacred geometry points in your body
  • Comprehensive development of your unique vocal soundhealing skills, giving you resources to maintain and develop your own practice, or integrate with other energy modalities you practice or teach
  • Combine voice work with different polarity points in the body to bring balance to your entire system
  • Opportunities to integrate voice work with a creative project you are pursuing, whether that is writing a novel, script, or stories; preparing for a performance in music, theatre or dance; exploring colors or light in your visual artwork or taking beginner steps into a new creative territory with the guided support of your voice. 
  • A personalized "Sound Meditation" composed by Wende from the recordings made during the sessions.  This will give you the advantage of having your own unique sound journey to turn to when you feel off-balance, ungrounded and disconnected, or seek inspiration and guidance.  It will help you to stay ontrack with all the progress you've made during your vocal journey using the specific sounds that were given to you during the sessions.
INVESTMENT:  $1579  payable in full or 3 monthly installments of $530

Intermediate Level:  Really Digging In
  • SIX 1 ½ hour  sessions
  • Step-by-step process to creating an embodied voice working with the voice-body-breath connection
  • Explore your voice in relationship with the full chakra energy system
  • Sound energy work to shift belief systems around the voice and other limiting life patterns
  • Guided sound journeys working with power animals, mythic characters, and visual images. 
  • Experience the relationship between your voice and sacred geometry points in your body
  • Introduction to developing your unique vocal soundhealing skills
  • Opportunities to integrate voice work with a specific creative project, or with developing a new creative direction.

INVESTMENT:  $947 payable in full or 2 monthly installments of $479

Introductory Level:  Opening the Door

  • THREE 1 ½ hour  sessions
  • Introductory steps to creating an embodied voice working with the voice-body-breath connection
  • Work with the chakra system, particularly the throat and creativity chakras
  • Introductory work with shifting belief systems around the voice
  • Opportunities to integrate voice work with your own creative interests: working with a specific story, song, poem or mythic theme
  • Possibility to upgrade to the Intermediate Level program - "Really Digging In" - upon completion of this level. 
INVESTMENT:  $497 payable in full or 2 monthly installments of $255

Single Sessions: 
  • Not sure if these programs are for you?  I have a limited number of openings for single sessions that will give you a taste of what you will experience more fully in the program. 
  • They are 1 hour in length at the rate of $125

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And... a GIFT OFFERING:  Sign up here for a free download of an audio journey I've created and  experience how vocal sound can create a deeper state of relaxation and wellbeing while opening the doorway to your own innate wisdom and guidance.

Getting to Know More About Me:

Two of my most favourite things to do in life are expressing myself through my voice and guiding others into a transformative and creative relationship with their voice.  Over the last 30 years in my professional career as a composer, I have evolved a large body of musical works dedicated to ‘uncovering the lost voice of the feminine’. In this journey, I have combined different vocal traditions, digital music technologies and software, bodywork, mythology, energy medicine, earth wisdom and ancient spiritual practices that honour the feminine.

Through numerous grants, awards and commissions from the Canada, Ontario and Toronto Arts Councils, I have received the support to develop my own unique approach and musical style in the quest to reclaim the silenced feminine voice and restore our relationship with the earth and all beings.  My works have been performed and broadcast both nationally and internationally, and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many artists of different backgrounds and disciplines. As well, I have taught music technology and sonic arts at both the college and university level, including Ontario College of Art and Design, U of Ottawa, and U of Waterloo. 

My guiding passion has always been a deep commitment to the voice and to unleash its full potential for both the creative process and as an agent for personal and cultural evolution. 

I am a certified practitioner in SoulVoice, a pioneering soundhealing method that works with the voice and body to create shifts and change on multiple levels. Using the principles of SoulVoice as a foundation, I have explored tapping into ancestral and earth wisdom through my voice, resulting in a new series of pieces from recordings made at ancient sacred sites in Crete and Malta.  The music is mixed in surround sound, and will be released in the spring of 2011 on MP3,  CD and DVD formats.  It is entitled Sound Dreaming:  Oracle Songs from Ancient Sacred Sites and you are invited to listen to previews here

I am also currently participating with the California-based Gaiafield Center for Subtle Activism evolving ways that voice and sound practices can bring collective healing & social transformation, particularly in our relationship with the earth.  Locally I have led numerous workshops, healing rituals, sound circles and labyrinth walks, introducing ways to blend voice and soundhealing practices for diverse intentions and situations, including the ritual celebration of the seasons and events to support those working to create cultural shifts in awareness and practice. 

Working with YOU: I will be bringing all of these varied threads of my background into my work with you.

My joy is to support you in whatever ways you seek to expand and evolve your connection to your voice.  The individual attention I offer you in these programs can serve you in multiple ways and you will experience a breath of new vigor, vitality, passion and freedom as you sink into the rich tapestry that your voice is waiting to reveal to you.

Your guiding voice is the deepest expression of your soul, longing to be known more fully in your body, your relationships, and in the evolution of your pioneering gifts you are here to offer at this time of change. 

I welcome this opportunity to assist you and your voice as you emerge through the chrysalis and become the butterfly, opening your wings to new horizons. 

Reminder for your GIFT OFFERING:  As my thank-you for your interest in the work sign up here for the free download of an audio journey I've created.  You'll hear some of the fruits of my creative work and experience how vocal sound can create a deeper state of relaxation while opening the doorway to your own innate wisdom and guidance. 


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