Introduction to the Sound Dreaming CD Concert Blog Posts

The Sound Dreaming CD Concert happened on Dec. 5, 2014 at the Array Space in Toronto.  On November 23rd I began a series of FaceBook Posts to mark the 13 day countdown to the concert. Now these posts can be easily viewed in one place along with the accompanying images.  Each of the posts gives background and context to each the pieces on the CD, as well as a new piece created for the concert.  I've also included musinigs about my creative process.


Today I begin with the first piece to be played at the concert – entitled “Serpentine Dance”. In case you aren’t familiar with the CD itself, each piece was created from my improvised vocalizations made at different ancient ritual places in Crete and Malta. The recordings for the Serpentine Dance piece were made at Kato Zakros, a Minoan ritual site on the east coast of Crete. I first heard of this place when I read “Odyssey with the Goddess: A Spiritual Quest in Crete” by Carol Christ. I was fascinated by her story of how she and the women on her journey spontaneously began a snake-like dance while in the central court of the Kato Zakros complex.
During my visit there, I began rhythmical breathing and sounding while walking in spiral formations on the central court grounds in order to connect with the serpentine forces. That’s what you’ll hear as the piece begins. Eventually I found a little shaded nook where I sat to rest and immediately was drawn to the song of a single cicada singing closeby. I joined in with this unseen creature, and got completely caught up in a duet with its pulsing rhythms. You’ll hear those recordings in the piece as well.

The image here is of the Snake Goddess found at the bigger Knossos temple site. I purchased this replica of Her from a local artisan not far from Kato Zakros.