Sound Dreaming CD Blog Posts - Day 2

This is day 2 of the 13 day countdown to my SoundDreaming CD concert happening on Dec. 5 in Toronto at the Array Space. Today I am writing about the 2nd piece that will be on the program entitled “Blood Run Deeper”. This is a newer composition that does not appear on the CD, but one that I felt compelled to include in the concert.

Many years ago I was given the book “When the Drummers Were Women” written by composer, teacher and frame drum virtuoso Layne Redmond. In the book, Redmond details the use of the frame drum in many ancient traditions, giving the reader a sweeping overview of women musicians in ancient cultures. Reading the book is what got me started me on my journey to some of the places and cultures that Layne speaks about, and ultimately culminating in the creation of the Sound Dreaming CD

Last fall, Layne passed away, and to honour her and her influence on me, I created a piece weaving together one of the tracks from her “Invoking the Muse” CD along with some recordings I had made at the Eleusinion, an area of the Agora just below the Parthenon in Athens. Now for the Cd concert, I’ve added a third layer to this piece - a song I created based on a text I wrote several years ago.

One night after reading about the tradition of the Oracle at the Delphi temple in Greece, I woke up suddenly out of a dream hearing a phrase loud and clear: “Blood Run Deeper”. Even though I had no idea what that meant, I had a strong intuition the voice was somehow connected to the Delphic Oracle. To try and decipher the meaning of this phrase, I began writing several texts in different locations to flush out more of the deeper layers behind these words. In the texts I also included a translation of the ‘blood run deeper’ phrase into ancient Greek, which sounds out like this: Heye-ma Neh-bath-ee-on.

In the liner notes of Layne’s Invoking the Muse CD, she gives a translation of the last recorded revelation of the Delphic Oracle around the 4th century CE, and then follows it up with her response:

“Go tell the king that the well-crafted court has fallen to pieces,
Phoebus dwells here no more,
There is no more oracular laurel, no talking spring,
And the Voice of the Water has been silenced…” (Delphic Oracle)

But I say the Muse cannot be silenced,
She sings within us forever!!!
And we will make her voice heard once again! (Layne Redmond)

That is the vision I have been drawn to fulfill – making her voice heard once again. At the concert, I’ll be performing this newly created piece, letting the muse sing within me using these words from the dreamworld – ‘blood run deeper’.

The image I’ve posted here is a 1891 painting entitled Priestess of Delphi by John Collier, portraying her with laurel leaves and breathing in the intoxicating vapours coming up from the earth below. These vapours helped put the Pythia priestess into an altered state, thus enabling her to deliver her prophecies and wisdom.


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