Sound Dreaming CD Blog Posts - Day 3

It’s Day 3 in my 13 day countdown to the Dec. 5 concert of my SoundDreaming CD. Today I thought I would write about what ‘sounddreaming’ is actually all about for me. If you read yesterday’s Day 2 post, you’ll see that phrases and words that come from the intuitive and dreaming state is all part of my creative process. It’s the same case for the word ‘sounddreaming’. Although it didn’t appear from a night dream, it did appear while in a meditative state of consciousness. Again, at the time, it was one of those words I had no idea of its meaning, so it sat on the back burner of my awareness for many years. Meanwhile, as I learned about the ancient goddess cultures of the Mediterranean and the area that archaeologist Marija Gimbutas calls “Old Europe”, I became aware of a practice called ‘dream incubation’.

In that context, it was suggested that the highly resonant acoustics of an underground temple called the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta was a place that supported this practice, and that sound was an important aspect of generating a dream-like state. More recent scientific research has determined that it is the double resonant frequencies at 70Hz and 114Hz found in the Hypogeum that have a significant effect on human brain activity. On the non-scientific side of things, one of the figurines discovered in the Hypogeum is of a reclining female on her side with her head propped up using one of her arms, thus suggesting she is in some sort of dream-like state.

Of course there’s so much more to be said about the Hypogeum and its unique architecture and acoustics, but once I initially found out about it, I had to visit and experience it for myself. Since two of the pieces on the CD were composed from recordings I made at the Hypogeum, I’ll definitely be saying more about this place and my experiences there over the coming days.

But back to the sounddreaming word. It actually wasn’t until very late in the CD process that I made the decision to use that word to describe the music I had created. When I first embarked upon my visits to Greece, Crete and Malta, I went only with the simple idea of making vocal improvisations at the various ancient sacred sites suggested through my research. I was looking for a connection to the ancient wisdom of the feminine. What evolved over time was a more interdisciplinary practice. I spent a lot of my time consciously attuning myself to both the exquisite architectural stone structures and painted or carved spiral patterns found on some of the stones, as well as with the many female figurines, frescoes, and fertility sculptures I encountered in the museums. With this awareness underpinning me, my intent was to align my voice with ancestral wisdom through the primordial language of Sound and Dream my way into connection with the elemental and sacred lifeforce energy.

I continue to deepen my awareness and practice of Sound Dreaming, but these were the origins of how I came into knowing more fully what this word offered me. The photo I’ve posted today is from the Oracle Room in the Hypogeum. A painting of this chamber by Gareth Bate is the CD front cover. With the spiral designs suggesting the place has sonic significance, this is completely validated when one sings or speaks into the oracle hole (on the right hand side of the picture). The sound immediately sets up profound vibrations that resound throughout one’s bones and tissues as well as the entire Hypogeum complex. Being inside this chamber was like being retuned to a different consciousness.

Posted 222 weeks ago

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