A musical album of soulful feminine wisdom

A 2 disc set in CD and DVD-Audio formats

The music originates from improvised vocal recordings made at temple and cave ritual sites in Malta and Crete.  By attuning myself to the exquisite architectural stone structures, female figurines, fertility sculptures, spiral carvings and frescos, my intent was to align my voice with ancestral wisdom and through the primordial language of Sound, Dream my way into connection with the sacred life-force energy. The improvisations of resonant tones and vocal gestures were then mixed with environmental and instrumental sounds to create a series of pieces or “Oracle Songs” to guide the listener in their own journey with the evolutionary and creative powers of life.

Listen to Excerpts from the Sound Dreaming Album

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Technical Information For Optimal Sound Playback 

The music was mixed in 5.1 surround sound and is released as a 2 disc album - in DVD-Audio and CD stereo. 

The DVD-Audio disc plays back through a 5 speaker setup on a DVD player. To have a full experience of the surround sound mix of this music, set up your speakers as pictured in the image to the right.  The musical layers and voices will move around in the listening space.  The DVD disc in the album is playable in high definition sound (DVD-Audio) and also in a compressed sound format (DVD-Video). Look for the logos on your device to see what your system offers.

The CD stereo disc offers a realistic spatial image that has been converted from the surround sound mix and  surpasses standard stereo.  The disc is playable on any standard CD device.

The album is accompanied by an 8 page booklet that guides the listening experience through image and story.  The images in the booklet will also appear on your monitor or screen while playing the DVD disc. 

Speaker setup for 5.1 surround sound

Any questions you have I'd be happy to help.  You can contact me at


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