weaving together the pilgrimage journey with sounding to the earth

June 19-29, 2014

I am both thrilled and deeply honored to announce my upcoming collaboration with Sarah Hoskin Clymer, pilgrim, intuitive life coach, and sacred dreamer.  With Sarah as your pilgraimage guide, and myself as your sonic oracle facilitator, we will be co-leading the "SPIRAL PATH PILGRIMAGE", a rich and deep 10 day journey of walking in spirals in the ancient lands and moors of Cornwall, England's most remote county in the southwest peninsula.  We will open and align, listen and receive: to our bodies, our circle of warrior women, and to the unique wisdom and qualities of each site we visit. 

As we walk, we will engage with the Earth through the Dragon Lines, also known as Earth energy ley lines, the sacred sites and stones, water ways, wells and trees.  We will activate our bodies, our hearts and our voices to tune into the creative impulse withi us and receive guidance for our life journey. 


We are all born with a natural inclination to make sound and connect with the world around us through our voice.  When we tune in to the unique vocal story held in our body, we discover an incredible range of sounds that can open us to a relationship to our deeper wisdom and offer guidance for our daily lives. 

Through the voice, we can also open a doorway into a relationship of communion and connection with the memories and stories that live within the land, that are present in the waters, trees and stones, and in the ancient sacred ritual places.

As we walk, we will listen for the song of the earth, as she finds her way up through the cracks to sing through us, as in the days of the ancient oracle priestesses.   We will offer back our sounds to the ancient lands of Cornwall as an act of love and nurture to the Earth Mother, the spirit of Gaia, who sustains us all.  

For more information, the full itinerary and to register, please go to the Cornwall Pilgrimage Site

Special 2day-3night Pilgrimage Option

Join us for the last 2 days of our rich and wonderful Spiral Paths of Cornwall Pilgrimage, Friday, June 27th and Saturday, June 28th.  We will be walking and sounding along the edges of Bodmin Moor to the holy wells in St Neot and St Cleer, as well as walk to The Hurlers and Cheesewring, the ancient stones and stone circles near Minions.  Depending on time, we may even visit the Duloe stone circle about 8 miles from our "home" at Trevina House near St Neot. For more information on this, check out the special webpage that outlines the details of this option: 2Day Option



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