Welcome to AWAKENING YOUR VOICE with Wende Bartley.  To start your journey of discovery on the transformational potential of voice and sound, I invite you to listen to the recording in the sidebar box. 

In these transformational times, it is a challenge to stay grounded and connected to yourself, to those around you, and to nature. Our voice is one of the primary ways we are in relationship with others - whether that be through speaking, singing, soundmaking, or writing.  Our creative expressions in the world are intertwined with our vocal experiences.  The more connected we are with our voices, the more rooted and creative we can be in our lives. 

For a free copy of a sound journey created by Wende that will help you ground yourself and begin to experience your own voice, just add your name and email address in the box to the right , and you will receive a download link in your email inbox.   

To learn more about creating change in your life through "awakening your voice", I encourage you to explore all that this site has to offer.  

What voices are calling you? Do you seek to:  

Express yourself more freely and trust your intuition? 

Let your creative spirit shine in your everyday life or in special projects you want to pursue?

Enjoy the pleasure of singing with family or friends without fears of how you sound?

Know yourself and your inner voice more intimately? 

Offer your gifts to the world and participate in co-creating the future?



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