GAIA20:  A Subtle Activism Event for the G20 summit - JUNE 26, 2010

The GAIA 20 event was a unique web-based broadcast on June 26 presented by the Gaiafield Center for Subtle Activism and featured an online video of a labyrinth walk and sounding or toning ritually performed by the Gestare Art collective on Toronto Island beach.  The location is a 10 minute ferry ride from where the G20 leaders met in downtown Toronto on June 26-27.  Attuning to the land, the water, each other, and the G20 event, the labyrinth walking is an active meditation interwoven with vocal tonings and soundhealing frequencies with the intention of calling forth an opening of the hearts and minds of the global leaders gathering at the summit. 

By attuning with the video, you as a viewer can join in and continue to hold the intention that humanity may remember their connection to the earth and seek to live in harmony and balance with all beings with whom we share this planet. 
The video continues to be available online, and can be viewed here

This event grew out of my participation on the Gaiafield Center for Subtle Activsm's  Wisdom Council.  During the month of June, I participated in a month long residency on Toronto Island with the Gestare Art Collective - a group of four women who are committed to living as process artists in relationship with each other, the earth, the cosmos and all its inhabitants.

Gestare members:  Barbara Bickel, Nane Ariadne Jordan, Medwyn McConachy, Wende Bartley.   

Energy Healing Telesummit Interview - JUNE 24 to JUNE 28, 2010

From June 24 to 28, you can listen to a recent interview on sound energy as a healing modality as part of the HEALING ENERGY TELESUMMIT hosted by Cathy Brennan and Carole Cross.  During the interview, I give a demonstration of how sound energy works at the personal level and also offer a soundhealing to the waters and all life impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  The broadcast is FREE and can be listened either online or through your phone.  Once you register for no cost, you will receive the web link and phone number. 

Join the Healing Energy Telesummit

Recent Interview and Performance Ritual Practice - May 2010

In May 2010, I visited Carbondale in Southern Illinois to collaborate with Barbara Bickel as part of our collective work with Gestare.  While there, Barbara and I created and ritually walked a labyrinth made from dried pine needles.  We made three separate walks:  the first one in the hot sun of mid afternoon, the second one as the sun was setting in the evening, and the third one as the sun was rising in the early morning.

As part of my visit, I gave a talk at the Inter-Faith Center on the University of Southern Illinois campus, organized by R. Michael Fisher. After completing the labyrinth walks, Michael interviewed me about the labyrinth walks and my compositional work.  You can read the interview on Michael's BLOG.  The entry is entitled " CSIIE Event (2):  Deep Listening to Gaia" , May 30, 2010. 


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