sounding shell

I work with creative healers and transformational artists who are curious about working with the voice in their holistic practice or creative projects, but are afraid they can’t sing ‘properly’, feel embarrassed about their voice or don’t know where to begin.

As a creative healer, you have a practice in holistic and alternative medicine, massage therapy, or energy work and are curious about how you can incorporate the emerging field of soundhealing into your practice to enhance, expand and strengthen the experience you offer your clients. 

You are curious about how you can use the healing properties within your own sounding voice to enhance, expand and strengthen the experience you offer your clients.

You are open to exploring new ways of developing your skills and what you offer your clients

You are open to exploring ways to combine sound and voice work with massage, reiki, cranio sacral, shamanic energy work, expressive art therapy, and other alternative healing practices.

As a transformational artist, you want to strengthen and nurture the access to your creative voice and bring transformation to the world through your artmaking.  You understand the role that the wellbeing of your body, mind, emotions and spirit plays in the creative process. 

You understand the role that the artist plays in becoming of positive change in the world through art and the creative process.

As an artist you give value to the ancient roots of combining art and healing in many of the world’s cultures, and you have an understanding of the deep connection between creativity, community, health, and spirit.

Your artistic process includes taking care of your own wellbeing, healing and personal growth.  Your process then becomes a part of your artwork.

You see your artmaking practice as a spiritual journey, and in particular are seeking to create art that has a transformative role in creating shifts in human consciousness.  You may be a visual artist, dancer, writer, composer, musician, film maker, actor or digital media artist.   What distinguishes you is your interest in working with your voice to expand your creative range and to influence the artwork you bring to the world.  You are open and curious to how working with your own sounding voice may deepen the source of your creativity.

Click on link to listen to an excerpt from my piece entitled "Into the Hypogeum"


Here is an excerpt of my piece "Into the Hypogeum" 


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